Kolláge’s Lifetime Warranty


The Kolláge Needle Shop is an authorized Kolláge retailer. Kolláge Square Needles and Hooks are covered by a lifetime guarantee against any manufacturing related defects. This does not include needles/hooks subjected to undue stress, any alterations or if they are used for any other purpose than intended.

If you have noticed a defect in your item and would like to obtain a replacement, please e-mail us at info@kollageneedleshop.com. Include as much information as possible, including the product, the defect, your contact info, and if possible, your order number.

We will send out a replacement for free using standard USPS shipping, regardless of how your original order was shipped.

If you purchased your item from another retailer, we are happy to replace the item at no cost, but require that you pay the cost of standard shipping.

Thank you for visiting the Kolláge Needle Shop!

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